Road Race 2017

Road Race Through the YearsRoad Race Through the YearsRoad Race Through the YearsRoad Race Through the YearsRoad Race Through the Years

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

This year for our Annual Road Race we are continuing with the expansion of last year's successful races! We will once again include a 1 mile, a 2 mile, and a 5K that will utilize our nature trail as part of the course.  Students will run each race according to their ability, with the majority of the oldest students participating in the 5K. We will continue to have our Family Fun run (1 lap around the school building) for siblings and parents. We encourage you to invite all of your family and friends to join us. We will have a great time, come rain or shine! 




Opening Ceremony





Kids Run (ages 3 - 5) - 100m dash!

Road Race –Fun Run (1 lap around school building)

Opening Race (1 mile)

Main Race (2 miles and 5K=3.1 miles)

*if rainy, inside activities will be planned*


Award Ceremony in the gym


Picnic Lunch outside

12:45 – 1:30pm

Changing clothes, review the day, dismissal

Some notes for parents:

  1. Please park your car at the front hill and come check in at a desk next to the pool complex.
  2. Please plan to come a little earlier to check in between 8:45 – 9:15am (Opening Ceremony begins at 9:30am)
  3. Your child will be provided with a lunch but please remember to bring your own lunch so that you can enjoy a picnic with your child’s class
  4. Please dress casually and wear sneakers so that you can participate in the Fun Run (parents/siblings race: 1 lap around the school building)!
  5. Students’ arrival time is 8:30am and dismissal is at 1:30pm from the backfield. If you plan to pick up your child earlier than 1:30pm, please provide advance notification to the Education Office at 781-961-0800 ext. 105,117 or via E-mail: